Spyros Rennt is actually a Berlin-based musician and professional photographer, originally from Athens, Greece. His work starts as a personal paperwork but reaches a documentation regarding the queer society that encompasses him. He has got exhibited their work worldwide and posted two photos books, Another Excess in 2018 and Lust Surrender in 2020.

Within meeting, at first posted in

Archer mag #15, the FRIENDSHIP problem,

Spyros Rennt foretells Christopher Boševski.

Christopher Boševski:

Work was described as treading a superb range between voyeurism and unexpected closeness. How would you explain your photographic design?

Spyros Rennt:

Some adjectives that I think can also work tend to be: unstaged, impulsive, individual (such as close). These adjectives don’t affect all work that I create (a lot of times we change my camera to photograph a vacant space, like), nonetheless perform connect with the photographs i will be a lot of known for.


Tell me somewhat about how exactly you have got thinking about picture taking as well as how it’s evolved.


Photographer had long been the art that was more inviting to me because of its directness, but we never in fact noticed me doing it. Around 2015 or 2016 I became no longer used and spending considerable time on Instagram, simply getting pictures with an iPhone 4.

People was enjoying my personal visual so at some stage in 2016 i purchased 1st an electronic following an analog camera. The analog camera actually made it happen in my situation and it also all type of rolled from that point.

I’ve a singer pal in New York whom I inquired for guidance when I was getting started off with photography and then he just stated, «Well, you need to have a human anatomy of work.» Thus in 2017 and 2018 we shot lots! I still hold a camera around every where I go, in that age I became actually excited about it, attempted different things, unsuccessful a whole lot, but discovered even more.


You have resided overall European countries. How do you nurture the friendships and connections you create along the way and how performs this impact the art you will be making?


The primary focus of might work is a paperwork of comfortable, close times. I would not have that without my friends while the folks that We have regarding in a variety of spots, not simply the cities We have lived in.

Frequently it may take place that I satisfy somebody for a shoot with no knowledge of all of them prior to, but instantly link and shoot like we have now understood one another for a long time. Cyberspace enables in this, in the same way that an Instagram profile can supply you with an impact of just what one is like.

All of our on-line selves tend to be an extension of our own actual selves, so frequently i am aware what to anticipate from individuals we satisfy for the first time – plus they from myself! It’s very vital that you us to create an atmosphere of shared trust and pleasantness whenever I shoot somebody, to recapture that sense of vulnerability that I seek.


Work is actually a beautiful balance of friendship, intimacy and queer culture. You enjoy the body with a specific concentrate on the unclothed male form this is certainly very sensuous and candid. This feels like a contrast on the hypermasculine portraits we see in the conventional media. How could you describe your own approach to masculinity in your photos?


I really appreciate your own kind words! I usually attempt to document my reality and produce imagery that conveys, most importantly, myself personally.

We photograph the naked male type because Im attracted to it. Now, I would personallyn’t deny conventionally pretty male bodies – as a matter of fact, we shoot all of them usually – but I do you will need to create images that people have not viewed a great deal.

This is why i’m thinking about this paperwork of intimacy: because people do not frequently expect you’ll see men looking like they are doing during my photos. But in my opinion and my buddies and my personal greater queer group, this particular phrase may be the standard.


You appear to explore your own personal intimate experiences and personal connections in your images, which function most your friends and partners. How will you navigate your presence and theirs through these photographic explorations?


Becoming a buddy to people means encouraging them unconditionally. My pals know might work and realize i’m excited about the thing I produce, and that it is a thing i really do out-of really love, and therefore I would ike to capture them in many different minutes. Equivalent pertains to my personal intimate associates.

In terms of even more casual intercourse contacts are concerned, they generally allow me to capture all of them, sometimes they do not. Very often In addition simply want to have sexual intercourse and obtain down without recording the knowledge. In any case, We act as sincere men and women’s wishes and boundaries on a regular basis.


You photograph Berlin’s underground lifestyle, taking into look at the homosexual gender party society, some sort of this is certainly typically unseen and carries huge body weight of stigma, specially from a heteronormative viewpoint. Ever experienced any hesitation when discussing your projects outside these communities, for how other people may look at these particular portraits?


Sometimes we reveal might work at artbook fairs, which generally attract a broad audience. This means that heterosexual individuals, usually couples, grab and flip through my guides and often put them straight down as fast as they selected all of them up if they spot a dick or a sex world. But i’dn’t refer to it as stigma, not their particular cup tea.

Im pleased, satisfied and thankful become documenting the scenes that i actually do and won’t water might work down regarding audience, because my biggest imaginative motivations wouldn’t do this possibly.


Your work has become involved with a job called 2020Solidarity, in fact it is about helping social and music sites during COVID19. Could you tell us about this project and exactly why it is vital to you?


It really is a task started by Wolfgang Tillmans and it’s really really the method that you explain it. The guy got many great musicians and artists to participate each of us donated an artwork that was reproduced as a poster that folks could purchase at a really inexpensive price. All profits visited numerous cultural institutions in Berlin and the remaining portion of the globe which were striving due to COVID-19.

I was truly thrilled to have already been an integral part of it also to be able to help these places through might work. Being mentioned to artisans for example Nan Goldin or Tillmans himself was actually an incredible honour.


You’ve not too long ago printed a zine known as

At Once

, a collaboration with a number of different artists whoever work targets your body and sex. Are you able to tell us a little more about this project and where we could find it?


We circulated


Concern 1 in spring 2019. The concept behind it absolutely was to showcase the work of performers I am keen on and who will be moving in similar instructions if you ask me. In my opinion that musicians and artists have a duty to uplift one another and this was actually my definitive goal with this specific zine.

That it is practically sold out, I have around 10 a lot more duplicates remaining (available on my site). I would like to generate Issue 2, but I think it may be 2021 as I do this.


There appears to be countless stress for creatives are producing material during the pandemic. Exactly how are you determined [or maybe not influenced] by the pandemic?


During the level of the basic trend, as soon as the entire world was stuck at home, i’d not claim that getting effective ended up being a large focus in my situation, excluding some self-portraits that I developed that I are rather fond of.

Berlin handled that very first revolution very well, whilst we became personal once more around will (despite enclosed clubs), enjoyable gone back to the town, whether in backyard park raves or residence gatherings. I recorded a lot of these minutes and created images that Im pleased with – these people were the main content material of these two zines We circulated in July,



# 1 and no. 2.


What are you concentrating on subsequent?


I just released my personal 2nd book of photography, called

Lust Surrender

. I will be super proud of it, In my opinion its lots of strategies above my personal very first book from 2018,



. Its informing plenty of stories, several private. So that the next period will typically end up being about advertising the ebook to the world.

There are a few exhibitions and class demonstrates prepared, but as the 2nd revolution prepares to hit, Really don’t get anything as a given. I am going to probably launch multiple brand-new zines in November to perform the

non essential

collection for 2020.


Thank you so much for offering myself some severe summer time FOMO using your work! Once we can travel once more, i am hoping traveling returning to Europe and possibly I could just see you around Berlin or Teufelssee lake (easily’m happy).


It’s hard to miss me – I’m almost everywhere!

This informative article very first appeared in
Archer Magazine #15, the FRIENDSHIP problem

Christopher BoÅ¡evski is a Melbourne-based graphic fashion designer and crossbreed creative doing the secure in the Wurundjeri peoples. They have already been Archer Magazine’s format fashion designer since 2016.

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