After taking these tweezers for a spin, she was impressed by how well the wide, slanted tips grabbed and extracted multiple hairs at once without pulling on her skin. They aren’t made of stainless steel, but the metal is coated with diamond dust—whatever that means—and offers durability along with a firm grip. Other than that, our only complaint is that the packaging was hard to open. The Lash Professional collections provide a pair of tweezers, which are portable instruments for picking up tiny, delicate items.

So let’s not judge if we see someone parked plucking their eyebrows — they’re onto something. Get the best of both worlds thanks to Joey Healy’s fine-tip slanted tweezers. Its point makes easy work out of grabbing the finest hair, according to GH Chemist Danusia Wnek. With a comb on the opposite end, you can separate hairs that need a quick plucking. While the brand doesn’t offer a sharpening service, «these are the sharpest tweezers I have ever used,» Wnek says.

We’ve all tried tweezers that were difficult to open and close and it made tweezing even more of a pain. Tweezers come in multiple shapes and sizes—each designed for different purposes, says Dr. Sajic. For instance, the most common type of tweezers are the slant-tip tweezers which contain a slightly angled tip. These types of tweezers are ideal for general plucking, such as eyebrow shaping and removing stray hairs, he says.

The tongs were usually slung over oven door handles, slapping the sticky kitchen floor every time the oven was opened. I moved through the ranks of salad girl and egg cook, in and out of Kelly green pubs with Irish-sounding names. I expertly slid sheet trays of potato skins out from under the salamander and yanked steaks from the depths of the deep fryer, all with my well-worn tongs. Tweezers are small tools that are typically used for picking up and manipulating objects too small to be easily handled by the human hand. They are made from metal and consist of two levers joined at one end. Tweezerman’s sharpening service requires you to mail in your tweezers, and then wait up to two months to get them back.

  1. Our journalists combine independent research with (occasionally) over-the-top testing so you can make quick and confident buying decisions.
  2. One of our testers was a certified esthetician and sugaring specialist, Julia Perez, owner of the Jae and Leona Beauty Collective in San Diego, California.
  3. These types of tweezers are ideal for general plucking, such as eyebrow shaping and removing stray hairs, he says.

As you foray into the world of kitchen tweezers or even simply look for an option to replace some old tweezers you have, keep in mind that not every set of tweezers is the same. Wide Grip Tweezers are best for people with mobility issues since the tweezers are wider allowing for a better grip. These tweezers are great because they can still achieve the same precision as a regular sized tweezer. Pointed Slant Tip Tweezers are a combination of both the slanted and pointed styles and allow for more control and grip when tweezing normal to fine hair. We created the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval to help you find the very best products for your life. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more.

The tweezer and two other comedone extraction tools were sold for under $10 for the whole set. Much of my cooking technique came out of my earliest days as a teenage line cook in a 24-hour diner. Some of the experience served me well, like understanding speed, organization, and multitasking.

We like that they’re made of stainless steel, and they were surprisingly easy to use. However, the tips are pretty dull, so they’re not ideal for precision plucking and extracting super-fine hairs. The sharp, slanted tips, calibrated tension, and easy-to-grip base make for an all-around streamlined plucking experience. Made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel, with the brand’s signature matte black finish, we’re also big fans of the sleek and elegant yet sturdy design. Because the tips are extremely sharp—to the point in which they resemble a needle—they offer amazing accuracy, precision, and symmetry. Tweezers come in a variety of tip shapes and sizes.[4] Blunt tip tweezers have a rounded end which can be used when a pointed object may get entangled, when manipulating cotton swabs, for example.

Tweezerman Hollygraphic Micro Mini Slant & Point Tweezer Set

The grip has grooves so you get every last bit of control that you need. They are extra-strong and durable and will not let you down anytime soon. The tip is such that it is less likely to dent or bruise something delicate. Offset tweezers are perfect for delicate situations, and this pair fits the bill perfectly. These kitchen culinary offset tweezers are pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

Made of sturdy stainless steel, these precision-style tweezers can grip even the tiniest of ticks so that you are not exposed to tick-borne pathogens any longer than need be. Plus, with proper use, there’s no worry that part of the tick will remain embedded in your skin. The only downside is that the company offers a refund policy only and no type of warranty. The word tweezer comes from etwee which describes a small case that people would use to carry small objects (such as toothpicks) with them. Eventually, the word «tweeze» was accepted as a verb in the English language.

Yes, You Need a Pair of Kitchen Tweezers. Here’s Why.

This helps you actually reach and grip what you want to with precision. These are lightly serrated on the inside to give you a premium grip as well. The long, slender needle-nosed point allow them to garnish sushi and other Japanese foods with ease. In Japanese cooking, specialty chopsticks or long, slender tweezers with a similar build are typically preferred.


But if you struggle to hold smaller sets of tweezers, this slight difference may not be an issue for you. Afterall, you really cannot go wrong with any pair of Tweezerman tweezers. These handy tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips that efficiently grab ahold of errant hairs or foreign objects every time you use them. This pair of tweezers is ideal for those who get tiny hard-to-pluck hairs around the edges of their brows. The tweezer itself is quite small (which might be tricky for those with larger hands), but it snatches baby eyebrow hairs with ease. Such tweezers are also useful for digging out splinters and other foreign objects that can become embedded in skin, like cactus spines.

Occasionally, beauty brands and PR agencies will send us samples for coverage consideration, but our thoughts and opinions are fully our own. If you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions hugofx from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations. In short, the Byrdie Verified seal stands for product recommendations you can trust.

How do you use tweezers for hair removal?

Sturdy, comfortable to use and budget-friendly, Revlon’s tweezers wowed at making clean plucks — 100% of testers strongly agreed that these tweezers did not break hair at the root. “They firmly grasped each hair without damaging the surrounding skin,» one tester commented. «Tweezing was completed quicker and easier than with previous pairs. ” The slanted tweezer even impressed our brow expert, who found them the best at grabbing the tiniest hairs. Some online reviews noted that the tip ran thick, so you may not get as much accuracy with these.

Our team found the edges of the tweezer to be sharp and the body to have a small but sleek design. These tweezers are easy to move around the shape of the brow, and they can even get into challenging under-arch areas without issue. It might seem trivial to some, but a world without tweezers would be a challenging one. From beauty routines to high-tech electronics assembly, these versatile tools touch various facets of our daily lives.

Best with Eyebrow Brush

The flat wide tip might not be as precise as other tweezers, but it makes it easy to grip larger sections of hair (say two or three longer pieces). In the vast world of beauty and utility tools, tweezers have made their mark as essential implements for several tasks. Whether you’re grooming your eyebrows or picking up minute objects, the right pair of tweezers can make a huge difference.

This tweezer comes in a range of fun colors, with a wide finger grip that makes it easy to hold without slipping. We love the durable yet lightweight design — perfect for sitting in front of your mirror for a long tweezing session without your hand cramping up. Tweezerman Slant tweezers can pluck with as much grip and precision as spendier pairs. Their tips are super sharp out of the box, and taking advantage of the brand’s free sharpening service now and then will keep them that way. Plus, Slant tweezers come in a wider variety of colors and styles than the competition. Once our testers upgraded from drugstore tweezers, they haven’t looked back.

You won’t be buying a new pair every few years just to get a better grip on your hairs. We also read up on what makes a good tweezer for removing foreign objects, consulting experts from the the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Tweezer tips can be sharp, so it’s important to protect yourself from being poked when searching for them in your kit. Consider looking for options that come with protective covers (like our Best Overall pick, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers). These coverings are designed to fit over the sharp point of the tweezers to prevent injury and ensure that the tips don’t become dull after repeated contact with other tools in your stash. «What will dull them is dropping them on the floor, throwing them in a cosmetics bag, or putting them in a drawer where they bounce around and hit other things.»

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